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An exceptional achievement in tailor made orthopaedic braces

A 25 year history in the making

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IDL ™ represents an exceptional achievement in tailor made orthopaedic braces. For over 25 years, we have been refining our product, by insisting on hand-crafted details, in a constant effort to improve our services and ourselves.

Working with DDB (Dynamic Derotation Brace) technology, from its aluminum elements to the smoothing out of its finishing details; the process is full of creativity and uniqueness, specially designed, formed, and adapted to meet each individual’s needs.

Our orthopaedic braces are 100% custom made to meet each individual need
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Our specialty is in the manufacturing of the DDB (Dynamic Derotation Brace), which was designed by the doctors of the spine unit of the KAT hospital in Athens, Greece, and then manufactured by the technician Nikolaos Vastazidis, founder of our company. Mr. Vastazidis worked as the master craftsman initially in other workshops, until he founded his own company in 1998, where he remained active until his death in 2021.

All of the company‘s technicians were trained by him and have been working for the company since its establishment. The principle of operation of the DDB has been studied and tested more than any other brace in Greece and became known due to its very high rates of scoliosis correction. That is why it is the only type of orthopaedic brace with such high preference rates. Since then it has been modified in terms of materials, but not in terms of its basic operating principle.

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All our orthopaedic braces are manufactured according to the instructions given by your orthopaedic doctor

The orthopaedic braces are very thin (about 3mm), are very light (about 800 – 1000 grams), do not hinder the wearer’s daily activities, are registered with the National Registry of Medical Devices of EOF

Excellent design in orthopaedic manufacturing requires skill and knowledge. The use of technology in the manufacture of orthopaedic braces, is a powerful tool to enhance the creative process. IDL TM combines the use of technology and its handmade production process to achieve the ideal result.