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Rebranding the orthopaedic brace <3

Orthopaedic braces are a non – invasive way to address serious spine abnormalities appearing in young adolescences. By using an appropriate brace, at the right age, with the right use, and always supervised by your physician; you can prevent possible problems and health issues from appearing in the future. The public needs to be made aware of how such and “treatment” can actually prevent spine surgery and a series of health issues, that can be triggered from poor positioning of the spine and thus body posture.

Leaning towards this effort, IDL™ has invested – amongst other investments made – in rebranding the brace like never before. In particular, and because we are referring to a parapharmaceutical product, its representation was always somewhat medical, looking like a piece of cast for a broken arm or leg; not exactly something appealing to a young person. It looked invasive and confining, something like out of the Middle Ages, something terrifying and – let’s face it – downright appalling. Here is were IDL™ comes in, in breaking the stereotype and reinventing the brace as a fashion item for the young. The entire effort focuses on presenting the brace as a fashion accessory, that it is also good for you. It’s cool to wear, it can look hip, sexy, romantic, sci-fi, or whatever you want it to look like, plus you are doing something good for your body; it’s self-care. These are all very important points when coming into contact with young people in such a tender age; where they are starting to be more self-aware of their image and how they look. One of the most difficult practises in wearing a brace, is for actually getting the person to regularly wear it on a daily basis! Youngsters coming in with their guardians to be measured for a brace, are usually apprehensive and very negative about the whole procedure, and no matter how much you or the guardian tries to make that person feel comfortable, the image of a straightjacket is locked inside their heads. This blocks the procedure because once the person wearing it gets home, or at school, etc. they take it off, first chance they get, and the guardian or doctor never knows about it, and the treatment looks like it’s not working :(. IDL™ has made a huge investment in changing this and preparing the ground for a better treatment, through boosting the wearer’s self-confidence. Next article will feature the three different IDL™ branded brace models, so stay tuned <3.

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